How to Deal with the Feeder Error of the Canon Printer?

Posted by Johnny on December 21, 2017

There is nothing more annoying than the paper being not able to be fed into the printer at times of need. This happens when the print roller is not able to align with the loaded paper and the result is the feeding error. Feeding error is caused due to the following:

  • The paper is loaded correctly.
  • The paper is of the wrong size.
  • There is some kind of contamination on the roller.
  • The paper is not aligned correctly in the tray.

Taking care of these causes is paramount in a device like Canon Printers. Fortunately, dealing with these issues is also an easy task.

Canon Support discusses the procedure to fix the feeder error

While the error is quite easy to fix, you must take care that this issue is not associated with the functioning of the software in any way. Therefore, to undertake the following procedure, you must be in a clean environment:

  • First, you got to remove any paper loaded into the Canon Printer. In this step, you need to make sure that you don’t pull out the paper abruptly, as it can damage the alignment of the print roller.
  • Wait for the printer to set in properly. Once you have removed the paper, you need to wait for the printer to reset in its original position.
  • Now, take a clean and dry cloth, and lift the printer cover so that the roller is revealed to you. At this juncture, clean the roller with the cloth and see to it that no contamination has gotten left. You can also use a bit moist cloths to deal with the roller, but make sure to dry them after cleaning.
  • Clean the paper tray. Use the same cloth to completely clean the paper tray. This will make sure that none of the contamination will stick to the clean batch of paper.
  • Now, load in a fresh batch of paper. Make sure that the paper is of the correct size and the correct quality. Make sure that there are no wrinkles on the paper of any kind. If there are, remember to discard them properly. As you are loading the paper, you the align-setter to get the catch into a printable position. This will make sure that the paper feeds into the roller in a flat and streamlined manner.

If you have adhered to all the above steps in a correct manner, you won’t have any problem with the feeder afterwards. If the problem is still persisting, you are better off calling in the experts to do the job in an optimal manner. To do that, you can drop a call at toll-free Canon Printer customer care number +1-844-478-5758.

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