How To Troubleshoot Generic Canon Printer Errors?

 Posted by canon Support on December 4, 2017

Canon is one of the most commercially successful brand in the market who are providing printers it the customers. They are one of the brands whose printers are popular all around the world. Users using these printers are well-known with the quality offered by them and thus, they stay relevant till its inception. With the usual usage of it, it is common for users to understand that the device will get exhausted too. Thus, users need to be prepared to fight with those errors easily.

At times users burden the device with so much of work that the limit of printing exceeds, as a result problems start to occur in printer. Many of the users think that printing problem will get resolved by themselves in a few hour of relaxation but that is a very rare case. The difficulty can raise at any level, therefore, Canon Printer Support warns users to be aware all the time.

  • Paper Jam: While putting the sheets into your printing device, most of us do not pay much heed in checking whether it is organized well. What happens is when the user put up the sheets in the printer; users merely settle the sheets without noticing whether they are kept well or not. So, when a user inserts a sheet, check if the papers are well organized. If it is crumpled, use your hand and manage it to keep it plain and not folded at all. If the sheet is tangled, the printer will not take up the sheets or it will get jammed.
  • Power Button: If you are having any issues related to the power button, the first step would be to ensure that the wire of printer is connected in the right port and the plug is well fitted to connect properly. If you have checked that, you can switch it on and install all the printer settings in your system to ensure that it prints. After doing that, you have to set up the software in the computer and give the print command. Ensure that the printer is on before giving the “Print” command. Check if the problem is resolved.
  • Removing Cartridge: When you find out that the ink is finished, most of the users remove and reinstall their cartridges by themselves. Now, while doing that, users make some mistakes because of which cartridge error shows up. Thus, you have to be very firm while taking off the cartridge as it can get stuck. Also, while reinstalling the ink/cartridge, you have to be careful that the print head is safe. When you get issues with your ink even if it is not finished, simply pull it out and shake it so that the ink gets normal in it.

The above mentioned solutions are for generic issues which users go through in a daily basis. If these steps fail to resolve your problem and you have a more specific issue in your device, just dial toll free Canon Printer Support Number Canada +1-844-478-5758 and ask our team about it. When user discerns difficulty is going out of your hand, our team is accessible 24*7 by our customers side.

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