How to Troubleshoot Ink Issues of Canon Inkjet Printers?

 Posted by canon Support on November 27, 2017

An inkjet printing machine is not nearly as complex as a laser printer; therefore, there is less that can go wrong with them. When we talk about an inkjet printer, a name crosses our mind, ie Canon printers.

Canon printer is a major peripheral device competitor in the IT industry. In fact, they are an essential add-on to your desktop, with them; you do not need to step out to just print a couple of document when you have a printer at home. But sometimes, the inkjet series of Canon printers create issues; when you try to print a page urgently, the printer creates troubles by throwing a tantrum. If this sounds familiar, you have found the right blog! As Canon Support Canada will cover everything you need to resolve the issues of Canon’s inkjet series:

Cartridge Leaks Canon printers contain a particular type of power, an ink of lubricants that used to print clear images on a paper. Most of them remain tight, but occasionally a single hole may damage the entire cartridge or tonner of your machine. To resolve that, follow the below steps:

  • Locate the accurate area of the hole and clean it using a cotton swab/cloth.
  • Cut a piece of an adhesive tape.
  • Now, place the piece and push it gently so that it could be pasted properly.

Refill the Cartridge A cartridge ink is certainly one of the most expensive necessities. Thos who own or manage home office understands this too well. Refilling is a cartridge is a skilled process and requires unshaken hands. Generally, a syringe is used to inject ink into the Canon printer. To refill the cartridges effectively, follow these steps:

  • Fill up the syringe to insert the loaded ink into a tiny hole of a cartridge.
  • The ink must be inserted manually, so keep your hands steady and then push the trigger of the syringe to fill them.

Several things go wrong inside an inkjet including the loosen hole or ink doesn’t always dispense due to a pressure problem.

After following the above guidelines, if your printer still doesn’t print properly, then chances are you need a cartridge replacement. However, if you think this method is successful, but still haven’t been resolved by the above guidelines. You can log a report and send it to our Canon Technical Support team. Here, our experts provide minor to major all types of solutions. All you required to do is just ring a bell to Canon printer Technical Support Canada Helpline Number+1-844-478-5758 and your issues will be gone away for good.


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