How To Troubleshoot Scanning Issues In Canon Printer?

 Posted by canon Support on December 4 , 2017

Canon printer is recognized among the top printer brands due to its effective printing quality. The users using the brand are very loyal to their products because they offer a user-friendly interface which works smoothly amongst both corporate and household customers. It is the most used brand of printer but being an electronic device, there are times when there will be issues unexpectedly. The main drawback using this printer is that users face issues while scanning documents.

Due to its smooth features people mostly prefer to use the printer with a broad spectrum of variety as well. The first step you need to take is to diagnose the issue to identify if the error is related with hardware or software. In case of software issue, you can update the driver and other scanner related services and security firewalls. This will fix any software related error with your scanner. When it comes to scanning errors in general, Canadian Canon Support offers a few solutions as well:

Steps To Troubleshoot Scanning Errors In Canon Printer:

  • Connect your device with PC using the USB power cable. Now install all drivers that came with the canon printer CD.
  • After the computer and printing device gets connected, make sure that the device is switched on. Also check is the Scanning Documents are placed properly
  • Now, click on Start > Select All programs > Accessories > Select Scanner & Camera Wizard.
  • Choose Scan and select the printer connected to the PC to click on Scan.
  • Then click on File and click Save and you will get prompted with a pop-up window with the name of the scanned document.
  • Now, select the location where you have to save the Scanned image and you are done with the process.

The above steps will resolve your problem but if the error yet pertain after going through above mentioned steps, go for technical support. For any other problem with your device, we can avail you instant assistance. Canon printers and scanners use third-party USB cables which also may cause performance issues, so make sure to use original cables with your scanner. If that is not the case, no need to worry, just contact our Canon Printer Support canada.

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